• सेन्ट्रल म्यानेजमेण्ट अर्गनाइजेसन अफ नेपाल Central Management Organization of Nepal

Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

We lead the professional era in offering innovative, recent and related programs by examples and try to get things right at the first time.

To offer opportunities to every practitioner and professional in Nepal and across the World to contribute and build the overall development of the professional era and to hold the hands of professionals together steeps ahead.

Our goal is to create a prosperous, healthy and happy professional era by conducting various professional developmental programs with sense of humor.

Our major objectives are to contribute to the professional era by providing genuinely needed programs to people and organizations. Some of chartered objectives are mentioned below:

  • To coordinate and and collaborate with professionals and organizations at National and International level
  • To conduct the training, workshop, skills development programs and research and consulting activities on Management Development,Science, Agriculture, Communication, Market Management, Insurance, Local Bodies, Development Partners, Health, Education, Nutrition, Social Awareness, Gender equity, Women Development, Racial Discrimination, Climate Change, Irrigation, Preventive action on Land Sliding, Cottage and Small Industries, Technical Skills Development, Group Mobilize, Business Promotion, Road Safety and Environment etc.
  • To conduct the National and International Training, Workshop and Conference
  • To conduct the Recruitment and Selection activities as per need of the organizations
  • Recognition to people and organizational leaders at National Level and Internationally
  • To conduct the programs on corporate social responsibility
  • To provide services on business strategy development and implementation
  • To provide services on business performance improvement to increase shareholder value
  • To provide services on project management and business risk management services
  • To provide services on complete HR consulting
  • To provide services on in financial and business fraud prevention